Sephia Shimano

The Sephia Shimano fishing reel is a lightweight finesse spinning reel that comes with top-rated Shimano reel parts, and is suitable for saltwater or freshwater fishing expeditions. The Sephia Shimano reel with its full magnesium body, and aluminum cold forging machine cut spool, is offered with a limited lifetime warranty, attesting to its quality and good looks.

Shimano Reel Part Status In Sephia Shimano Fishing Reel

In the Sephia Shimano, the Shimano reel parts include ARB corrosion-resistant ball bearings with SSR design. The body comes with comfortable EVA rubber grips, reliably non-slip when wet. The Sephia Shimano has a terrific drag capacity of 6kg. If you are looking for the convenience of a right/left hand switchable reel, the Shimano Sephia obliges.

The fishing reel looks very much like a rebranded Shimano Twinpower reel. Some anglers also comment on the many similarities between this spinning reel and the Daiwa Emeraldas reel. The appearance of the body differs from the Tica Taurus fishing reel, in that it is more of a dark grey, but it is quite a beautiful piece of Shimano fishing gear. The gear ratio in the Shimano Sephia is 5.2, with the body weighing in at 210g, thanks to the light-weight Shimano reel parts.

Some Sephia Shimano reel reviews point out that this reel isn’t for ultra-light fishing. There are also comments about the big diameter of the spool leading to a short cast distance, even if you use fairly heavy lures.

Switching Sephia Shimano For Shimano Speedmaster Reel

Another popular Shimano reel, the Classic Shimano Speedmaster fishing reel features models such as the Shimano Speedmaster CustomX 4000S. The Shimano reel parts here have upped the gear ratio, compared to that of the Sephia Shimano, to allow for a greater catch volume in a short period of time. This explains why it is a favorite among professional and serious amateur anglers. Other Speedmaster Shimano reel parts include a strike alarm, an aluminum spool, stainless steel reel foot, ball bearing titanium drag, as well as stainless steel gears.

If you prefer to steer clear of the Sephia Shimano, but want to stay with Shimano reel parts, take a look at the Clarus Shimano spinning series, the Shimano Torsa fishing reel line, the much-loved Shimano Twinpower, or the light-weight Shimano Stradic MgF fishing reel.

The silver Shimano Stradic MgF has an attractive, glossy, scratch-resistant appearance. The Shimano reel parts here allow for one frame with two spools, the 1000MgF and the 2500MgF. A case of catching two for the price of one, as both bass and trout fishermen will be interested in this Shimano Stradic fishing reel?

If you are looking for a truly light-weight set-up, the Shimano reel parts in the Shimano Stradic MgF will suit you just fine. However, for a reel that is more versatile and usable in a diverse set of conditions, the Shimano Stradic FH fishing reels, sporting the S-Concept features so sorely missed in the MgF, would be a better choice in the long run.

Heading for Alaska Salmon fishing With The Backup Of Shimano Reel Parts

When it comes to Shimano reel parts, compared to the innards of Lews fishing reels for example, the incorporation of the S-Concept introduces a whole new generation of Shimano fishing reels. You have the beauty of Shimano reel parts with completely new dimensions, upgraded spools, and a host of fine, new features such as breakaway handles and super-sized drag, all working to make fishing expeditions more pleasurable.

The Sephia Shimano reel gets competition from the Shimano Symetre 1000RH, the Symetre 4000 Shimano reel, lines such as the Shimano TRN Downrigger, the Shimano TLD 20 and a host of other fishing reels that form part of Shimano fishing gear, not to mention Daiwa reels such as the Daiwa Tierra and other gear sporting the enviable quality of Daiwa reel parts.

So, gather your boat insurance quotes, your Canada fishing vacation or Alaska Salmon fishing trip brochures, your Manns Fishing Lures, Humming Bird fish finder, and head for the welcoming waters with the reassuring presence of Shimano reel parts in a Sephia Shimano fishing reel.

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